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We are helping are clients engage with their
customers in new, innovative ways.

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Engage your

Maximize ROI on your marketing investment by creating
meaningful interactions and connections.

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by content?

Content can be a competitive advantage,
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Experiential Applications

Today, it’s possible. That app, that vision you have where your clients are fully engaged with your brand and services. Today you can not only engage them, but we can build a solution where the content stays fresh, and we can monitor usage and make adjustments to the experience that enable an ongoing engaged  relationship.

Digital Kiosk & Large Screen Displays

We worked hand in hand with one of the Mountain West regions prominent real estate development firms to develop their lasting impression – an interactive digital experience:

– Unique Dual Screen Display with kiosk interface guiding large screen display
– Interactive digital directory
– Isometric Maps and mobile integration for Way-Finding
– Advertising Module
– Interactive timeline feature
– Analytics Engine for ongoing measurement

See Case Study.

Interactive Campaigns & Social Media

Customers are inundated with marketing information. How do you stand out ? The key is to develop meaningful connections with the customer. We build interactive digital campaigns that help clients engage and connect with customers.

View how we helped Hewlett Packard leverage digital creative and social media to connect with their student customer base – check out the app.

Content Management for Scale

We work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives and go forward content needs. The outcome is a strategy where content will serve as a critical enabler for the business. We provide recommendations on the platform, design, and implementation plan.

Scale Station will build out the underlying infrastructure to host and organize your content libraries and enable experiences within the context of your CRM, sales, marketing, and customer strategy.

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